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Tips to Stay Healthy And Fit During Travel

Every once in a while, everyone needs to leave their work and daily lives behind and embark on a journey to his or her favorite place for his or her own welfare. Going away from your responsibilities and other things that creates stress in your life is an important thing to do. It helps your mind to refocus and stay positive, which in turn makes you healthier and fit. In this way, you can live a healthy and prosperous life.

But many people associate traveling with physical stress and tiredness. They are correct in that but to some extent. Traveling may cause wear and tear of your body, but it will always ease your mental stress, and make you a better and stronger person. In the end, you will be prepared to take on your work, personal matters, and any other worldly thing in a much better way. You will indefinitely grow as a person, and success will follow you everywhere in your life. In order to avoid tiredness and any kind of physical stress on your body when you are traveling, you can always take part in several activities that can help you stay fit and healthy. For this reason, we are going to share some of them in this article. So read on and enjoy every moment when you embark on a journey.

Tips to stay Healthy and fit during travel

Avail discounts to cut traveling costs

Traveling cost and expenditure is one thing that causes a person to have second thoughts about this blissful thing. Airplane ticket, hotel accommodation, transportation, or any other transfer can take a lot of your hard earned money. Not everyone can afford traveling, which is a sad reality of this world. However, there are different ways that can help you reduce the traveling cost considerably. One such way to avoid extra cost is to avail discount wherever you can. You can book cheap flights to your destination with the help of any travel agent, or agency. You can also book cheap hotel accommodation, and avail other offers as well.

Hiking is the greatest travel exercise

From yoga to another form of travel workout, hiking is the best form of travel exercise. It is a beast in its very own way. Not only you can save money by opting to hike instead of more conventional traveling, but you can also freshen your mind, enhance stamina, and keep your stomach working properly, burn calories and much more. Walking and hiking is a way to communicate with nature. Although it tires you a bit, you should just try it, as there are multiple sceneries that are cut off from the main roads. Enjoy those out of route breath-taking views by hiking between 2 certain places.

Suppose you live in the UK, where your daily habit is to take an underground train or a double-decker to work. And you are planning to visit a place like Stockholm, where hiking can be done around the city due to its compactness. We recommend you to take one, or multiple flights to Sweden from London (if you choose to travel in a connecting flight), and only a taxi to your hotel and no other means of traveling in a car, train or bus after that. Just walk, hike or even run in Stockholm and see all the landmarks it has to offer. Same applies to the majority of cities around the world if you are up for it.

Although walking and hiking are two different words with separate meanings, they are a form of exercise. You work out your heart, muscles, and joints when you hike. Sometimes a traveling trip may force you to eat more at any place, the best way to burn those unwanted calories is to hike.

Getting enough sleep

When you are traveling, sleep is the most crucial phase and unfortunately, everyone struggles with it. It is the root cause of all the stress, illness and disfiguration which is a norm when traveling. If you don’t get enough sleep, particularly when traveling through different time zones, it can unbalance your whole routine, which is the last thing anyone wants on a trip.

It is awkward to undervalue how imperative it is to get ample sleep while traveling. You can only get a good quality of sleep, on a soft bed when you are on a city break, as most backpacking travel is a marathon. But with the swift conditioning of your mind, aided by hiking and yoga, and continuous physical stress can get your body too tired. So you will welcome a recharge of an 8-hour sleep.

Eating healthy

By only eating a balanced and healthy diet, there are so many health-related issues that you can easily avoid, reduce and fix. Although eating healthy food while you are traveling may require some discipline, but for the sake of a great traveling experience, staying healthy and focused, everyone should be up for this sacrifice.

Although you can keep some high carbohydrate snacks when hiking in remote places, we still suggest you not to ignore keeping nutritious foods, as they are essential to maintaining a proper dietary balance. You can eat local fruits and vegetables when traveling in a particular country, as it is the best source of getting nutrition. It will also help you to acclimatize to the local environment.

Other than fruits and vegetables, you can eat hard-boiled eggs, pre-cooked sweet potatoes, raw milk, cheese, yogurt, chocolates, dates, dry fruits, seafood, salads and etc.

Exploit natural medications

There are numerous natural medications to fight illness, sleep deprivation, stomach bugs, and other common health issues. When you are traveling, the last thing you want is to fell ill in a foreign country. But if you cannot avoid it, we recommend using natural remedies to counter any illness. You can also carry nutrition supplements with you all the time, as they offer high energy and helps to avoid common diseases that are caused due to vitamin and mineral deficiency. In this way, you can not only combat sickness but also boost a fresh, glowing skin.

Natural remedies also help to enhance the natural immune system to fight diseases. Keep some probiotics or any other chewable meds to counter any reaction in the body. You can also keep essential oils in your backpack, as they act as a natural medicine without any side effects. They are extracted from antioxidants and consists of anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial features, which helps cure nausea, pain, sleep issues and energy level.

Skin protection

No matter where you travel, the sun will always follow you. So it is important to keep a sunscreen or any other form of sun protection all the time in your backpack. You should also use sunglasses and cover all the parts of your body with proper clothing in order to avoid sunburns and ultraviolet rays. Always try to use those products that are natural and organic, so they don’t leave any carbon footprint on the environment.

With this tip, you can not only save yourself with sunburns and UVRs; you can also maintain your skin’s moisture in the heat. It will enhance the beauty of your skin and make you look more desirable.

The Perfect Norway Itinerary for First Time Visitors

Perhaps one of the most beautiful country that also happens to be one of the top favorite destinations among travel lovers. However, visiting here for the first can be a bit overwhelming as you get to experience a majestic landscape lush with nature and overall countless things you can try and do. So to make your trip efficient, a proper plan coupled with some research is always good.

My very first trip to this magical land

Personally, I didn’t know all that much so I missed out a lot but hey even then it was an amazing trip. Norway is simply too beautiful that even if you visit some less-than-impressive place it’s still a delight to the eyes. However, my trip gave me an idea of how to plan a more practical trip. Thankfully I got fair priced tickets too from the UK Travel Agent I know of as well.

A few things to know first

There are plenty of dramatically beautiful places in Norway and some of them are remote areas so I suggest you rent a car to get around. Besides, driving here is simply a delight. The beautiful sights going by and the amazing weather makes it amazing. Don’t get me wrong, the public transit system in Norway is great but driving is simply better. Norway is a pretty cold country so pack winter clothes along with extra SD cards because trust me you’ll be taking photos left and right.


As you’ll land at the Oslo airport, it only makes sense that you explore the capital of Norway first. I suggest you only spend a day at most here and explore the museums and sculpture parks here. There are also forest right at the edge of it and the Oslofjord islands nearby make for a great boat-ride opportunity.


After you’ve marveled at the best sculptures in all of Scandinavia, move on to the second largest city in Norway. While this city is overlooked by tourists because it’s used as a gateway to the majestic fjords, the city itself has a lot to offer in terms of tourism. You can check out the UNESCO World Heritage site Bryggen, located in the heart of the city. Apart from amazing vintage looking buildings and streets, you can visit the Hanseatic Museum and learn more about the history of the place. There’s also a spectacular stave church that was reconstructed after being damaged. Surrounded by breezy trees, it’s a sight to behold.

The fjords

Easily the most popular destination in all of Norway, it’s not something you can enjoy completely in a short amount of time. Besides, they’re spread out all over the country so one can’t classify them as a single destination. To view them efficiently, you’ll need to either go for a long road trip and visit the most prominent ones or visit the fjords near other destinations, like the Oslofjord near Oslo. You can also boom proper tours but personally, I just explored them myself after some research and deciding which ones I was interested to check out first.

Exploring the fjords is even more fun if you happen to be a more outdoorsy person. If you like hiking, trekking, canoeing, and even kayaking then you’ll have a grand time here. Some of the top popular fjords include:

The Nærøyfjord

Which is surrounded by mountains and waterfalls. Plus it’s also a UNESCO Heritage site. It also has really narrow passageways and is quite similar to the Geirangerfjord. There are also small villages and farms around which make for a lovely place to take a break at.

The Sognefjord

Commonly known as the king of fjords because of its great location right in the middle of the Norwegian fjords. It’s also one of the longest among the other fjords. Visiting here makes you feel so small as you take in the majestic panoramic view of the lands.

The Hjørundfjord

For the quieter visit, this is the perfect fjord. It’s similar to the Geirangerfjord in terms of beauty, it gets very fewer tourists compared to others. Because of this, it has a very undiscovered feel to it that will thrill any adventurer. There are small charming villages around as well.

The Lysefjord

Another one of the most visited fjord and also home to the world’s longest wooden stairs. But going u8p them grants you one of the best views ever. You can also take in the great panoramic view from the famous naturally square mountain plateau, Pulpit Rock. There are also various types of awesome and cozy accommodation you can stay at.


While the oil capital is mostly used as the gateway to the Lysefjord were you can visit the famous Pulpit Rock there, it also has other things to offer itself. In fact, it’ll prove to be a delight for art lovers as there are many cool street art pieces that you can see. The whole place seems to be a canvas, even the lampposts. It’s just so fun to simply stroll around the town, especially in the daytime to enjoy the colorful views. If you time your visit right you can also enjoy a nice street art festival as well.

The arctic side of Norway

To end your trip on a wintry note, head to the colder side of Norway. Not only is the scenery quite different but the dialects are different too that you may feel like you’re in another country altogether. Like in Kirkenes, many street signs are written in both Norwegian and Russian. You can visit the major city of Tromsø, which is small and charming enough that you can view all of it within a few hours. The city is famous for being vibrant and having a very cozy feel to it.

You can also try to catch a glimpse of the famed northern lights. You can either book a tour or drive around Aurora Spirit yourself. There’s actually a good chance you may see them which will really make your trip perfect. Lastly, with so much snow and a general mountainous area, you can rest assured that there are amazing ski resorts in Norway. However, they’re quieter as compared to resorts in other countries. Still, it’s a fun activity in a relatively peaceful environment surrounded by snowy beautiful landscape.

Things to do in London - Your Perfect Guide & Itinerary

The capital of England and the United Kingdom, London is one of the most delightful and classy cities in the European region. Rich with a history that stretches as old as the Roman times, the elegant city with so many beautiful architecture, palaces, and museums can be a bit overwhelming for you if you are a first-time traveler.

The 21st-century city of awe is best known for the imposing Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, which is the site of British monarch coronations, the famous ‘Big Ben’ clock tower, and the London Eye observation wheel from where you can catch the best panoramic views of the South Bank cultural multipart from across the Thames River. These are some of the best and world-famous attractions in London, however, London is the kind of city that you can never have enough of. There are so many things to see and be a part of. Personally, I get the cheapest flights from Dream World Travels to travel to my favorite city for amazing authors to unique teas, the events, and festivals. For example, if you are planning to travel to London in winter, there are as many winter activities you can enjoy there, and if you are traveling to London to spend Christmas there, you can visit London’s Christmas markets.

London’s Christmas Markets

London’s got some of the best Christmas Markets in the world. These markets get busy in organizing and decorating its Christmas markets that carry on till New Year’s Eve. These markets have always been loud and slumping and one of the must-visit places in London, but they are becoming more and more modern and popular among tourists now if that’s even possible. They are a world in its own, filled with traditional festive foods, arts and crafts material, Christmas gifts, tree decorative items, and what not. Enjoy Popsicle from ice-cream vendors, hear Christmas carols under the thousands of dazzling lights, buy last-minute Christmas gifts for your friends and family, or just to be a part of the crowds in one of these London’s magical Christmas markets.

To make your trip to London worthwhile, we have prepared a guide or itinerary. Enjoy this strategic guide will help you see some of the must-visit most places in this gothic city.

Guide and Itinerary to London

After settling down in your hotel, make sure you are well rested as you will be starting your day early. There is so much to see in this city and the best time to see some of these things are early morning when the tourist crowd is not that challenging to grip on the true beauty of London. Take a 10 am tube train to head to Marble Arch.

From Hyde Park to the Buckingham Place

Next, you can visit the iconic Hyde Park where you can take a stroll. From there, head south to Wellington Arch. You will find yourself on the forecourt of Buckingham Place. If you don’t take too much time in one place, you will reach there by at 11:30 am, which is when you can witness the ceremony of Changing the Guard. The small military marching band ceremony allows the shifts in the guard’s duties. You will enjoy this 45 minutes and it is monotonous so you are free to move along when you’re done enjoying the ceremony. 


From St. James Park to Westminster Abbey, River Thames, Big Ben, Westminster Bridge

Westminster Abbey is one of the most important landmarks of the city. You can cut through St. James Park to get there and see the Romanesque church which was built in 1065. It has a lot of history behind it. Keep in mind that the admission ticket can be a bit expensive for you, but it is valuable to see it from the inside.

From there, head over to the River Thames. From there you can see the most important and iconic spots in the city, Big Ben clock tower and Westminster Palace, which was rebuilt after it was ruined in a horrible fire in 1834. You can see the palace from the inside, which is only open in either July or on Saturdays. From there, cross the Westminster Bridge.

London’s eye

You will get to London’s eye by crossing the Westminster Bridge. This is where you can enjoy some of the most amazing views of the bustling city.

Eating scenes

For the real English taste, try street food or small eateries. This is where you will find the classic British Cuisine. If you want to try other tastes, you can try international cuisines as well. For dinner, head to Piccadilly which as plenty of fine restaurants. You can also get to Chinatown to try some delicious Chinese cuisine

Tower of London to British Museum

You will find a lot of things to see and learn at the Tower of London, such as a famous myth with ravens. This too, you should visit early in the morning. Take a tube train to get to Camden front here. It one of the most authentic neighborhoods with a number of pretty shops and street food stalls from so many different cultures. From there, take a subway to Goodge Street to visit the world famous British Museum.

Shopping Scenes

Don’t you want to take some things for your friends and family back at home? Head to the most popular shopping streets, Oxford Street and Regent Street to buy gifts and splendid souvenirs. Near Regent Street, you can also visit the famous Piccadilly Circus Square.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Get to St. Paul’s Cathedral and climb up to the famous dome to check out the famous Whispering Gallery with fascinating acoustic properties and the two more galleries above it. If you are into remnants of old temples and such sacred sights, visit the underground crypt.

Next, take a tube train to head to Charing Cross from where you can get to the most famous squares in the city, the Trafalgar Square. You will get to see some of the best statues of well-known people here, as well as two fountains that come alive at night. 

Near Trafalgar Square is the neoclassical looking building of the National Gallery. It is one of the most well-known galleries in all of UK and showcases more than 2,300 paintings.

Covent Garden

Next, head to the nearby old-fashioned neighborhood of Covent Garden, which is home to a number of shops, restaurants, and theatres.

End your trip by seeing some other important things in the city such as the famed Madame Tussauds wax museums, and take the famous tours such as a literary tour, a Harry Potter tour, and even a rock n’ roll tour.

Must Visit Places On a Scotland Road Trip

Scotland is certainly one of the most scenic places in the world, with an interesting history, gothic castles, and architecture as well as epic landscapes. And while it’s faster to simply buy plane tickets from flights booking sites, a better way to really take in the beauty of this beautiful English destination is to take a road trip.

Why I prefer road trips

I understand that if you’re traveling from a far-off place then it’s a bit of a hassle but trust me it’s worth it. Not only it is more adventurous than a flight but you get to see a lot of beautiful scenery on the way. And if the weather is on your side then I can confidently say that it’ll be the most memorable trip ever. In this article, I won’t mention Glasgow or Edinburgh because exploring them is a given. My point is that there are countless more, less visited places in Scotland that you can check out in this awesome country.

Is it affordable to go on a road trip around Scotland?

It is actually perfect for a road trip. With two airports, one in Glasgow and one in Edinburgh, you have two option for the start of your trip. Next, you can easily rent a car, which is surprisingly very reasonably priced. The best part is that if you bring your camping gear and enjoy sleeping out in the open. And if that doesn’t suit you, then you can rent one of those mobile homes and go from campsite to campsite. All of these are cheaper than any hotel so yes, it’s very affordable.

Finnich Glen

Or the Devil’s Pulpit as it is nicknamed is just a short drive away from Glasgow. This is one of those less visited places but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the time. Quite the opposite. Problem is that it’s hard to find. This nature’s wonder has reddish water with vibrant green moss covered caves. To get here you need to consult a map and park around A809, which is just a short walk away from the Glen. Sadly, the parking space isn’t marked or anything so it’s best to ask some locals for directions or take guidance from Google Maps if you have internet access.


If you’re into hiking then your road trip should focus more on the highland locations. One of the best ones there is the quaint little village of Glencoe which is famous for the Glencoe valley nearby. This impressive location has been the filming location of an iconic James Bond movie as well. Simply park your car somewhere suitable and go for a majestic hike to explore the valley. The beautiful waterfalls, the chilly weather, and the green mountains will surely leave you in awe. And if you have a tent or a mobile home then feel free to camp out here. Just make sure you’re safe and take any necessary precautions.

Loch Lomond & the Trossachs National Park

This is a perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon and if you’re lucky enough to visit on a sunny day then it’ll be even better. Plus the cute villages with colorful flowerbeds nearby provide ample space for parking and allow you to pack up snacks for a lovely picnic at the park. And if you happen to be a hiker or a cyclist, then there are trails available however they’re quite flat as compared to the ones located in the highlands. However, you can see a deer or two on these trails. Besides, it’s always nice to be able to take in the sights without spending all your energy.

Kilchurn Castle

Located on the banks of Loch Awe, these ruins of a once prestigious castle may not sound much but trust me the majestic view is worth every second of your time. If you happen to visit when the lake is absolutely still then the reflected old ruins of the castle coupled with dark weather (because cloudy is the normal weather here) and with lush green hills in the background will all make for great photographs. The lake also has a few more cool islands nearby so for a session of awesome photography make sure you visit here.


Now I’m sure that when you think of Scotland, beaches don’t come to mind but trust me the beaches here are like a hidden gem. Since the Atlantic Ocean is basically on the doorstep of Scotland, you can catch views of vibrant blue water against the golden-ish white sandy shore. Arisaig happens to be one such spot and it’s perfect for kayaking. In fact, nearby on the west coast, you can enjoy the sleepy village life for a life as you move along to your next destination.

Dunrobin Castle

Located on the east coast, this is definitely one of the most beautiful castles to visit while on a road trip around Scotland. While driving around make sure to head on over the backside of it because it’ll make you feel you just drove into some fairytale. The white building with pointy towers and very elegant architecture makes for a great picture. But don’t just drive by it because this stately castle is open to the public. Park your car and check out the intricate and beautiful decorations inside as well.

Elgin Cathedral

Whenever I visit somewhere, I always try to visit the historical sites every chance I get so I can learn more about the place. Or maybe I’m just a history buff. Either way, this ancient cathedral said to have been established back in 1224, is a fascinating place to visit. You can even climb up the high tower to get a panoramic view of the surrounding place.

Loch Ness

Whether you’re into cryptids or not, chances are that you must’ve heard about the notorious Loch Ness Monster. Either real or fake, it sure is a beautiful place to visit so I wouldn’t blame a giant prehistoric monster if she makes it her home. There is even a theme park here dedicated to the mythical monster. Other than that, it’s a great site for camping and relaxing walks along the beautiful lake. The small city Inverness near the lake is also very delightful, offering some cool sights like a cathedral and even an old castle. You can also stop by for a snack here before you move on to the famous lake.

France's Wine Theme Park: A Disney for Adults

Paris may have one of the best Disneyland, however, if you want an authentic French theme park, head down to Bordeaux instead. It is basically home to 20 themed areas which explores the history and culture of wine. Therefore, if you are looking for a place where you can get dizzy without actually having to climb on rides, turn to La Cité du Vin, or “The City of Wine.”

How did it come to being?

 It is not your regular Disney-style theme park, and neither does it have the same number of attendance. However, it is just as important must-visit place and an equally popular destination. This can be backed up by the fact that around 445,000 people visited the amazing Disney for adults last year, and the number is mostly from the country itself. Around 92 million dollars were used in the development of the World's First Wine Theme Park & Museum.

Bordeaux, where was always known as one of the premier wine regions in France, it was so remote that seldom people visited the worth seeing expenses. And since around 82 million people visit France everywhere, making it one of the most visited countries in the world; they had to increase their tourism even more. Therefore, to help increase tourism in that region, France launched two high-speed rail lines to the region last year. And ever since then, thousands of people travel to the country through Travel Agency in the UK, from the farthest corners of the world, especially from London, Singapore, Dubai. And people who love wine with a hint of an outward experience, they love it here.

What will you find there?

The win theme park has not made much effort in marketing their efforts, however, in only two years it has gained its reputation. That is because it is worth all the praises it gets. From the 20 themed areas, which, as told above, explores the history and culture of wine. Along with that, La Cité du Vin is also home to workshops as well as an encouraged boat ride that will show you what it is like to be a globe-trotting wine merchant.  During this 10-minute incredible journey, you will get to see the voyages from 6,000 BC to date, all taken by merchants who have carried wines.

 You can cover the admission to the park’s permanent tour, which includes also a multimedia guide, as well as one free glass of wine at the end of the day in something between 20 to 35 pounds only. Remember, the greatest thing about the tour is what the theme park is known for, the 20 varieties to choose from when you are getting the glass of wine at the end of the day. So, if you are stressed from the glitches of your everyday tiring life and want to picture yourself in a happy place where you can be surrounded by everything happy from all kinds of wines, that special happy dream actually can come true.  La Cité du Vin is that place of dreams.

What is the theme park like?

As fancy, dun and fabulous La Cité du Vin sounds from all that is written above, it looks just as majestic. The building’s architect and design speak for its lavishness and the modern thought of trend and style. The metal structure, which is quite twisty in that matter, gives the look of wine swirling or sloshing around a glass. At least that is what the architects say. Is that not something to admire?

The inside is another great experience on its own. Even if you don’t like wine and theme parks, there are so many other important not to miss things for you to see. The theme park has an auditorium with around 250 seats. You can enjoy some expert-led screenings and classes, where you will get to enjoy a multi-sensory space with moving sets, 3D images, as well as olfactory scents.

What will the experience be like?

The whole experience of La Cité du Vin can be summed up to be a wine-loving adult's cheap Disney World. And even though the Disneyland in Anaheim, California might be known for its whizzing go-around rides and 20-ft tower drops, France’s Wine Theme Park is the happiest place on Earth. Because, well, it’s quite cheap and there is no compromise in fun. It is the best place for wine lovers who are also into museums, parks, as well as beautiful architecture.

Another great thing about The City of Wine is how many great restaurants are there on its premise. Great news for you if you are a foodie and want to enjoy your delicious meals along with more than 800 varieties of wine that come from 70 different countries. You can both order as well as choose to taste from the 800 varieties of amazing fancy wines.

There is another great thing for those of you who like to get dizzy drinking wine, or who get too tipsy with just one glass, a hangover or the ‘gueule du bois.’ It is basically a giant plush chair. You can sit and listen here while artists, poets, celebrities, movie stars make it a slumber party and tell their own tales of drinking too much, while you are pretty much drunk yourself.

While you sure as well don’t get to see Mickey and Minnie Mouse, you know whom you get to see here? Voltaire, Churchill, Napoleon, and Colette who will not only take selfish with you but will offer you entertaining yet educational talk about their favorite drinks. Fun, right?

If you are not from France, like me, don’t be scared to plan your trip to enjoy the amazing city of wine because you can use headsets for this storytelling, or even for the rest of the tour, and enjoy it in the language of your choice as these are available in eight different languages. This great option lets you benefit from the opinions of over 100 experts, while you roam around the 10-story building however you like.




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