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Out Of Town is a Philippines based travel, food, and lifestyle online magazine. Here you can find collective blogs about useful travel advice, innovative tourism ideas and fun itineraries that will inspire you for your next adventure. From unique places to interesting events, Out Of Town is the one place to stay in the know for all things travel related.

If you’re looking for something specific, hover over the different sections to narrow down your search or simply search up the keyword and we’re sure to provide you with insightful information and tips.

We understand that taking a break from the mundane life to explore the world and go Out Of Town (pun intended) is necessary to keep the mind fresh. Stay up to date with the current travel and airline news to decide on the best possible destination for your wonderful vacation.

Thanks to all the love and hard work, Out Of Town has become one of the top travel blogs online. It all started off with a simple blog site where the publisher, Melo Villareal, a simple man who left the corporate world at the age of 23 and decided to satisfy his wanderlust shared travel stories and photographs to a small audience. It’s a proud achievement that the blog has grown to become of the top 15 Philippine travel blogs.

Other than exploring different parts of the world, you can also find food-related blogs. It’s common knowledge that travellers go hand-in-hand with foodies. From unique to downright exquisite, the photographs as well as the words will tell you the story in detail.

You can also help this blog grow by working with us. We publish banner ads or different sizes as well provide travel-related product reviews. If you’re a tech savvy person then hover over the gadgets menu to get a gist of all the cool gear you can get to make your trips more convenient.

Lastly, no trip is complete without some sort of temporary accommodation. Well, good news! You can find different hotel reviews as well as about the best hotels in specific locations in the Hotels tab. Out Of Town understands that budget travelling is not a myth. You can book hotels that suit your wallet through us. A pro-travelling tip: make sure you book your accommodation beforehand to avoid any hassle last minute.

Share the love of travelling by sharing the blogs that touched your nomadic heart on any (or every) major social media platforms. Inspire your friends and relatives because it’s always more fun to travel with a companion or two. If you like what you see then you can also become a contributor! Join our team and write for us. Share your own travel stories and unique point of view. You will be credited properly and grow as a travel blogger thanks to our ever-growing platform.

This world is made to be explored so go on, take a trip Out Of Town!